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What is Web Hosting ?

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In the long journey of creating this website of mine, I believe that I learned so much that you should definitely take an advantage of. Many professionals and blog enthusiasts ask me,

"How to write blogs and earn money ?"

For that you must know, Where you should write blogs? How can you save money via proper deals for purchasing domains and hosting? As per my experience, this really matters. Because for initial survival one should definitely ask these questions to themselves. Before starting the secrets of blogging, if you really think this article helped you Share the link of this article given at bottom of the page. So let's understand what exactly do you need to start with your own website or blog?

What is Domain ?

Domain is the unique name which gives an identity to your website. For example,,, are called as domain names. Hosting a website provides the storage space to manage your blog's files. You need this to make your site up. There are many hosting providers which provides different plans for hosting a website like Blue Host , Godaddy, etc.

I am not a BlueHost promoter or something like that. Many minds may even have thought about it :) I am on my mission to educate peoples."

" Gear up yourself to start and beleive in yourself. "

Initially, I heard about Godaddy but with later experiences, you have certain limitations like you cannot include Chat modules using latest technologies like node js and etc. I hate limitations.

For making money you must know the concept of savings also. It is very important for my dear friends if you want to survive for years. Otherwise, you will be doomed at a certain stage.

Then searching through many blogging websites, I came to know about this thing that Blue Host is actually providing you a free domain at a very low cost hosting plans not just at the initial stage but after years also.

How to choose Hosting Plans ?

Hosting plans looks like this when you visit at hosting providers websites. Let's have a look at those plans today,

I apply this strategy always,
"Always have a long-term thinking approach if you are sure".

The recommended plan is out of budget? :) I know these things. See, you left with two options Basic and Plus now. You can choose Basic plan but if you spend 2$ more then you get unlimited websites in Plus plan which means you can host as many websites as you want (I found this more beneficial) + marketing offers which saves your marketing costs. You can start with your own choice as per your budget. You get free domain name in both the plans.

How to create a website ? is quite popular with the term bloggers and websites. Wordpress can let you create your websites with almost no prior knowledge of how to create a website. There are many WordPress plugins which you can use to create the website. I will keep things clear for you with step by step tutorial series on How to create a website with WordPress. Series will be available in a few days. Almost every blogger use Wordpress nowadays :) Actually, it's easy that's why people prefer to use this.

One more thing I like to share, Wordpress recommends BlueHost if you still have doubts about Hosting.

Get started with Blue Host

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